An Online Cabinet of Curiosities Featuring the Creative Works and Musings of Chip Thompson


Who THE HECK IS Chip Thompson?

Well, that’s a great question (you must be bored if you’re asking).

The home office aka The Death Star. IKR?!

Chip’s a creative guy who likes to have his hand in many things all at once (one person described it as “controlled chaos”). A professional designer for over 30 years, Chip owns a small design firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. With his rockstar team, he designs logos, websites, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff for clients all over the world.

Chip loves when he gets the opportunity to build stuff (especially when it’s related to children’s based charities or organizations). Whether it’s making AT-AT Walkers out of wood and floormats, or space helmets out of cardboard scraps, it’s always challenging (and always gives an excuse to hangout at his favorite local hardware store — seriously, one time he spent over 3 hours in the PVC plumbing aisle at Home Depot “engineering” the legs on his 15′ tall Imperial Walker).

Chip also runs a small video business with his son, Tanner, doing projects for clients including: the Army Corps of Engineers, Father Flanagan, Speedway Museum, Nebraska Cancer Specialists and The Durham Museum.

Chip’s Happy Place – his workshop.

As time allows, he’s been writing/illustrating kid’s books, hanging out with his wife, Kelly, reading Scripture (though he gave up on learning Greek — insert “it’s all Greek to me” joke here) and learning new skills to use in building projects and in spreading the Good News of King Jesus.

And of course, as projects come up, you’ll find Chip in his happy place, his home workshop, trying to figure out how the heck he’s going to make a giant gizmo out of a bunch of whats-it-hoozits and non-toxic, free-range wing-doodles.

Lately, he’s been learning how to digitally paint/illustrate. Oh if there were more time!

PS: Chip also writes bios in the third-person when he gets the chance. :p